Raised on “bubble gum pop”, and epic “prog-rock” bands. Killion found a love for melodies and rich arrangements early on. Finding a love for making up melodies and songwriting came easily for him.

Killion would find a desire to compose and produce many of his songs before he even graduated from high school. Using the storage closet from his school drama class as an early recording studio.

He learned how to utilize two small portable tape decks to create a multi-track recording. He learned he could better sell his ideas if they were not simply in his head. But we’re able to be presented as they were meant to be heard. Producing songs in as much full production as he could as a teen in high school.

It was during this time Killion would experiment with how recording music worked, and how he could use it to put to tape his ideas. Working with minimal tools and equipment.

He believed early on, that it all really came down to the heart of the song. You can have all the most incredible tools in the world, but if you don’t have a good song, then your efforts will be pretty futile.

With that as the standard, Killion would express this in a number of bands he would be a part of. Garnering a whole new world of experiences and skills that would become essential as he progressed as an arranger, producer, and songwriter.

Killion is currently in the studio putting together the music for his second studio release, “Chasing the Sunlight.” This album will be the culmination of many trials, tribulations, and much change. Killion hopes it will satisfy what many have been waiting for since his last release, “Songs of a Lonely Fragile”.

The second studio album, “Chasing the Sunlight” hopes to capture the ideas and desires of the wounded heart, mind, and soul. With a number of added influences, unique sounds, and imagery. This elaborate album moves beyond pop and rock and sets the stage for an entirely new musical standard.

This album also incorporates a variety of styles and influences. Killion will also be including a cover track of one of his favorite classics from the ’80s. Don’t Dream it’s Over, by Crowded House.

We hope the finished album will be a landmark to the songwriting and production of Killion’s work. We will continue to keep you all posted on the album’s progress and let you know as soon as it is available. We may even make a few raw samples available. We thank you all for stopping by and for your support.