Chasing The Sunlight

Chasing The Sunlight
By K. Finch

In the storm, I lost the fight
Tossed about the sea

I know your heart
Can not deny
It wouldn’t let me in

And after all I guess you knew
It was only make-believe,
And fairy tales for you

And still my heart it can’t deny
No Disney ending waiting here for you
I am all that waits for you
While you’re chasing the sunlight

Angry words you can’t recalled
Something you deny

Nothing left to feel
And I will try to fight
And forget the lies you told
Make them disappear

Leave it all behind
Still you chose to walk away
The things you can not buy
Are best to leave behind

And lost between the you and I
Are promises the day we said, I do
Still I wait here for you
Just chasing the sunlight
Chasing the sunlight


Chasing the sunlight
Chasing the sunlight