Produced in 2006. Killion Finch crafted the music and emotion for his debut album titled, “Songs of a Lonely Fragile” to showcase his skills not only as an accomplished songwriter but also as a producer, arranger, and instrumentalist.

Experimenting with a more melancholy/alternative style with songs such as, “Falling” and “Let It Rain”, and intimate ballads like “When It Was Love” and “I’m In Love With You”. Killion tried to touch on a number of unique musical styles. Taking the helm as producer and arranger, he also took on the task of performing all the instrumentation himself. Though a daunting challenge, Killion held nothing back. It was quite a learning experience. But one that brought cohesiveness to the finished product.

Unleashing his creative muse to craft the music for the album, Killion was able to piece together music, unlike anything he had produced prior. He looked to explore a more alternative style, leaving behind what he had in his old bag of tricks. Killion searched for new ideas and inspirations to help cultivate the music for the “Songs of a Lonely Fragile” album.

The titled for the album was inspired by a dream Killion had of a non-existent album by famed Scottish singer/poet (and former Marillion frontman) Fish. Killion’s dream included actual artwork for the imagined Fish album which included the album title, “Songs of a Lonely Fragile”. The dream was so vivid Killion had to make sure the album didn’t actually exist. Once it was determined it indeed was only a dream, Killion knew he had to find a way to use the inspiring title for his very first solo project.

The only two songs not written specifically for the 2006 album were tracks 2 and  5, “I’m in Love with You”, and “I Can’t Change Your Mind”. The track “I’m in Love with You” was originally a song idea written in 1989. It was found on a cassette tape during preproduction of “Songs of a Lonely Fragile”. Needing one more track, Killion opted to add the song to the album. “I Can’t Change Your Mind” was an unfinished 1994 song from one of Killion’s earlier band’s, Crimson Fable. Written out of a jam session with musicians: Marc Miller (bassist), Gary Zdenek (drums), and Art Bromage (guitar). Killion believed the song itself always had great potential. He had wanted a place for it on the final album.