By Killion Finch

It is a fascinating journey in creating a new album. Starting with a blank canvas and having to create something from nothing.

It has been quite some time since Killion Finch’s debut album. It seems events outside my control have decided for me that it was time to pour out a little more of myself into another album.

The good news. The album has already been titled, “Chasing the Sunlight”. A titled is a good start. It allows you something to reference and go back to in order to reflect on what your purpose was in the first place. It helps to set the narrative.

I am a huge fan of good album titles. There are many. With this latest album, I really like the imagery the titled helps to convey.

The title’s meaning would not become clear until I began working on the title track. That song truly has set the tone for the entire album.

I have concluded it’s meaning is about those of us who give up what is real and true, for what is allusive, temporal. Sometimes those journey’s can teach us something. Sometimes we simply fool ourselves into chasing what we either already had or sadly, something which is foolish, unattainable.

I have finished the first three songs and have added a cover of the 1986 Crowded House classic, “Don’t Dream it’s Over”. You can take a listen in the music section of this site.

It has been a fascinating journey thus far. It looks like that will continue. We shall see and hear.